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~We produce spotted and marbled Bengal kittens in traditional brown colors, silver, charcoal and occasionally snow colors.....

The spotted pattern in the Bengal cat should be reminiscent of the Asian Leopard Cat. It should have a horizontal flow to the pattern of spotting. Some spotting is described as rossettes, and these are outlined spots with a third color in the center. Spotted Bengals come in any color.

There is also the marble pattern in the Bengal breed. These cats will have swirling of color in the coats making them look like a marble. The range of different brown colors is vast, there are many ways to express the browns...sorrel, cool brown, rufoused, golden, cinnamon etc.

The Silver Bengal should have a brilliant white background with black markings. Preferably with no "tarnish" or brown in the background color. They will have green or gold eyes.

Snow Bengals have a creamy white background color with light tan colored markings, they will have blue or aqua colored eyes, except the Sepia which usually has gold eyes. Seal Lynx Bengal kittens are born completely white and develop markings later on, their background color is more white than the other snow colors with lighter markings, the eyes will stay a striking blue color. Seal Mink are a bit darker in background color and markings than the Lynx and the eyes will be aqua colored. The Seal Sepia is the darkest of the Snow colors and will have golden colored eyes.

Charcoal Bengals are impressive with their black mask, light eye goggles, and black "cape" that runs down the spine. There are Snow Charcoal Bengals, Silver Charcoal Bengals and Brown Charcoal Bengals. It is believed that they are derived from the melanistic gene. Charcoal Bengals are not accepted for championship at this time.

Blue Bengals are grayish blue in color with a light tan or almost peachy colored background, they often have bright green eyes. Blue Bengals are non accepted for championship at this time.

The melanistic Bengal is an all black Bengal with just a shadow of pattern caught in certain lightning, they are similiar to the black panther. Melanistic Bengals are non accepted for championship at this time.