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~CocoasPride "Mika" F-1 (Omaha Indian-"intelligent raccoon")~

HCM negative

Sire: ALC Poppy Seed of CocoasPride

Dam: SGC Touch O Katz Goddess Nut (Egyptian Mau)

I am so very, very happy with our little Mika! This girl is the product of breeding between and Asian Leopard named Poppy Seed and a Champion Egyptian Mau, I beleive the Mau offers a better overall type to the Bengal breed while offering the silver color. We are working to get new silver blood lines to better the breed. This girl is pelted and feels like the softest silk, perfect pattern with outstanding color, big nocturnal eyes, teeny tiny ears, and the fattest tail! I am honored to have been selected to work with this beautiful sweet soul....I love her so much. Colette and Bob Grifiths are truly the best of exotic breeders and have worked so hard to assure this girl was absolutely very well socialized! She is not afraid of anyone, she purrs the minute she is picked up, she goes everywhere with us and walks perfectly on her harness and leash. She lets the kids pack her around relentlessly and never complains. One of my favorite things she does is run full steam across the room and pounces on me, puts both paws on my cheeks ever so gently never using her claws, gives me a quick kiss and runs away....too cute!

~Saris Lyla F-2~

HCM negative

Sire: Bundas Bandit

Dam: Cocoaspride Mike F-1

This girl is a silver spotted F-2 down from my Silver Charcoal F-1 Cocoaspride Mika. She is the only female down from these rare lines at this time and is precious to me. She carries herself much like the ALC with her hind end higher than the front. She has tiny little rounded ears, very thick tail carried low to the ground. Very large rounded eyes. Coming down from the Asian Leopard/Egyptian Mau cross, at this generation, Lyla is now showing larger spotting with rosettes. It will be very interesting to see what the next generation of silver F-3's will look like! PK Def carrier, HCM negative.

~Bluewater Delia~

Sire: CH Victorybengals Steely of Bluewater

Dam: Alirose Topaz

SBT Silver Spotted Female

This girl is a beautiful example of the silver colored Bengal. She has nice small rounded ears, nice profile. Her spotting is jet black on silver background. Her tail is SUPER thick and blunt ended. She will be a great asset to our silver breeding program. She is the Dam of Cocoaspride Resplendent!!

~Naamah Windstorm~

HCM negative

Sire: Bellagio Stormtide

Dam: Lunakatz Windchill

This girl is a beautiful silver marble. She has a very nice marble pattern, good contrast, and nice flow. Huge rounded eyes, nice body conformation, and thick blunt tail. I'm excited to see what this sweety girl will produce paired with any of our fantastic boys! PK Def normal, HCM negative. Photos credits go to Alexis Greenwalt of Lovinspots Bengals.

~Houdini Ayasha~

Sire: Legacie Heartlights

Dam: Legacie Magic Mystery

This girl is a spotted Seal Mink Snow. She has outstanding open rosettes and dark contrast, lot's of glitter, and charcoal carrier. Huge rounded blue eyes, small rounded ears, nice body conformation, and thick blunt tail. She is an exciting addition and I hope to see charcoal babies out of her! Thanks to Houdini Bengals.

~Uniqueprints Bristol~

HCM negative

Sire: Wildlove Silver Starter

Dam: Uniqueprints Cold Fusion

This is Bristol, she is a silver spotted Bengal. Bristol has great body conformation, wild head, awesome ear set, big expressive round eyes, and fat chunky whisker pads. She's an exciting addition and I hope to see wonderful typey babies out of her!

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