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The Asian Leopard is the inspiration and beginning of the Bengal breed.

The Bengal breed began with a breeding of a domestic cat to an Asian Leopard, then bred down from the females. The first, second, third, and sometimes fourth generation male cats are infertile. Breeding now is strictly Bengal to Asian Leopard and Bengal to Bengal. Asian Leopards are slightly smaller in size than domestic cats, although Bengals generally weigh between 6-18 pounds, males being larger. The 1st through 4th generation from the Asian Leopard are called F-1s through F-4s, 'F' standing for Filial, or the 'Foundation cats'. After the 4th generation they are called SBT's (Stud Book Tradition) and can be eligible for showing and are considered domestic. Bengal cats are freindly outgoing and energetic companions, they love to play or purrrrr forever in your lap. They will follow you like a dog, come when called, and even learn to play fetch!

Below are some pictures of kittens and cats that have spent time with us...

This was an amazing kitten out of my first Bengal, Mirra and Junglebook Moth Magic of Tayabe cattery, he was sold as a special pet.

It just dosn't get any better than this cutey! This is our homegrown silver F-2 kitten out of Stonehenge Shysie and CedarRanch Silver Trigger! We look forward to more silvers from this breeding.

Silver Trigger and F-1 cat Shysie.

It's hard being this cute...don't let the camera fool ya!

Tiny baby F-3 kitten out of Pemba, and her shown as a full grown, beautiful brown spotted adult.

RW SGC Saris Tasha of Junglejem

Brown Marble F-4 female out of Tayabe Tashi and Gogees Kajika acheived Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion status!! Congrats to JungleJem cattery in Canada for showing her so expertly!

A pretty brown spotted f-3 kitten out of Pemba and Kajika, and a couple of little F-2 kits out of Shysie.

PrincessTigerlili, winning a Best of Allbreed in the kitten class at the Denver show!

Pretty spotted Seal Mink Snow colored female mothering an F-3 litter.

Brown Charcoal kitten

This is my favorite Bengal, Tayabe Tashi is an F-3 that has had some outstanding babies for us!! Now retired.

Mystichills Docker of Tayabe, is Tashi's Sire, pictured as a kitten and as an adult. Now retired.

This is an example of the 'melanistic' color, just showing a shadow of pattern reminiscent of the Black Panther. And silver spotted kitten out of F-4 Tigerlili and Trigger.

This is a beautiful brown spotted F-2 cat out of Stonehenge Shysie and Elitebengals Cruise. She has nice white expression, wonderful color and contast, and outstanding wild type!

This is Junglejem Chief Charlo, he is just breathtaking, he has definatley been one of my favorites!! He is now retired and in a furrrever home!

Here is a wonderful silver charcoal colored kitten out of Cedarranch Chenoa now residing at Silkenthunder cattery in Canada!

Here is an outstanding silver spotted female out of Stonehenge Shysie and Redearth Silver Thrill. She is now residing at IndianCreek Bengals!

This girl is a F-5 silver spotted female out of Chenoa and Redearth Silver Thrill, she is now being well loved at Texasstar Bengals!

Seal Lynx spotted Snow Bengal

Cute little baby faces!

This is a nice little marble kitten out of Saris Tigerlili, she has nice whited expression like her mama!

My son getting some kitty kisses!

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