~GRC Cocoaspride Resplendent of Saris "Nash"~

HCM negative

Sire: Redearth Silverthrill of Saris

Dam: Bluewater Dehlia of Saris

SBT Silver Spotted Male

This cat is a KNOCK OUT! This boy has got so much to offer the Bengal breed working with silver lines. He has outstanding contrast and color, jet black spotting, SUPER thick blunt ended tail, great profile with rounded ears, and big expressive rounded eyes. He has a nice pattern but best of all he has an excellent personality! He is the sweetest Bengal I have ever been around and I'm thrilled to have a son from our sweet boy Redearth Silverthrill, now retired. Nash earned title of 2nd Best Bengal Kitten Internationally for the year 2011. He is PK-Def Carrier and screened HCM negative.

~Crestwood Sakima of Saris~

Sire: Legacie Jet Stream of Crestwood

Dam: Zaharabengals Black Magique

SBT Melanistic Rosetted Male

I couldn't be happier with this boy from Crestwood Bengals! He is a BIG guy with an outstanding personality, he came out of his crate confident and ready for play! He has beautiful rosetted spots that can be seen in the right lighting and a fantastic pattern. His head type and body type are excellent, straight profile, small rounded ears, fat whisker pads, thick blunt tail, and big muscular body. Huge thanks to Crestwood Bengals!! They have raised a top quality Bengal that will be a huge assett to my program. Sakima's genes will produce every color matched with our girls!! Sakima is PK-Def N/N. Photo credits to Victoria Kowalski.

~Castleblaney Bailey~

HCM negative

Sire: GRC Castleblaney Captain Jack Sparrow

Dam: Snowlodge Stormy Blue Eyes

SBT Brown Spotted Tabby

Bailey is visiting us from Northwest Bengals. Bailey is a total sweetheart! A little shy when you first meet him, but a cuddly, purring lovebug when you get to know him. Physically he is an incredibly solid Bengal, with small, wide at the base rounded ears, well defined whisker pads, a good head and medium length muscular tail. His coat is thick and slick and his pattern is nicely horizontal with shaded arrowhead spots and no bars. Bailey is PK-Def N/N and homozygous for the spotted pattern, which means all his kittens will be spotted kittens. He carries the seal lynx point color gene, which means he could produce snow kittens when bred to the right female. He will be an exciting addition to our breeding program here and a huge assett with his longevity in health and pedigree! Thanks so much to all the wonderful ladies at Northwest Bengals!! On June 13, 2013 at eight years of age Bailey was screened HCM Normal by Dr. Kathryn Atkinson of Cardiology Northwest. Photo credits to Shirli Place.

~QGC Freedompride Pokerface of Saris~

HCM negative

Sire: CH Cazpurr Royal Flush

Dam: Wildvision Mimi

SBT Brown Spotted Tabby

Pokey is a wonderful addition to our cattery here from Freedompride Bengals. Pokey has achieved Quadruple Grand Champion! He has outstanding color and contrast, big chunky spotting, loads of glitter. Big muscular body, and small rounded ears and a thick tail. Sandee Probst did an outstanding job on this guy, HUGE thanks for your generosity!! HCM negative, PK Def carrier.

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